I facilitate PLD for Schools & Kāhui Ako around  


  • Teacher Only Days - Personalised for each school/Kāhui Ako
  • In-class Coaching and Modelling - for feedback and next steps
  • Team or Staff Meetings & Planning - in person and via Google Hangouts 
  • Cluster Courses, Workshops & Breakouts - of any size


 I can work with your school to help teachers to: 

Create an 'INNOV-ACTIVE' Learning Culture

 where learners enjoy being active participants in their learning; where they are given more voice and choice and are consistently expected to think, question, collaborate, research, reflect and make independent decisions.

Develop DEEP, Real Connected Learning Programmes:

 where learners co-construct deep understanding of important, integrated curriculum concepts through inquiry journeys and develop the transferable cross curricular skills they need so they can learn how to learn for life.

EDUCATE Collaboratively 

where teams of teachers take shared responsibility for and ownership of all learners; where they build a collaborative community of practice; where they consistently collaborate on decisions and plans; and where they effectively develop systems to manage large spaces and big numbers of learners and use technology purposefully.

Build Learner AGENCY 

where learners are consistently involved in planning and making decisions about their learning; where they identify their needs; initiate new learning; plan, monitor & assess learning; and reflect on their own goals and learning pathways.


 where learners have the flexibility within the learning programme to work on what they need, when they need it; and where assessment is done 'for' learning and 'as' learning.

 Let me help you make learning I.D.E.A.L. today!